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Kounthea Richards is a Comeback Coach who helps women become resilient, own their truth and step into their brilliance so they can create better realities.

After overcoming what doctors told her as ‘no-cure’ Lupus, Kounthea is changing the conversation about the way we approach adversities. On a mission to impact 1 billion women in shifting their inner dialogues especially on emotional resilience, Kounthea works intimately with select 1:1 clients, reaches a wider audience through her digital courses and social media presence. 

She is a member of the International Board of Coaches and a certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner and TIME Techniques Master Practitioner.

She has been featured on Medium, Thrive Global and podcasts like Holistic Life Navigation, Be A Force and Personal Branding Program with Edvard Vondra. Kounthea has created a free ebook for you on the Simple Ways To Make Your Nerves Work For You – a step-by-step process with journal prompts for reflection to cope with strong emotions to reduce stress and anxiety. You can check it out here

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