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Hi, I am so glad that you are here!

I am a mom, a big lover of life, an unshakeable optimist and the Ultimate Comeback Ninja!

I know what it feels like to be stuck in unhealthy patterns.  I’ve battled Lupus (+ beat it!), my insecurities with motherhood, feelings of unworthiness and the systematic prejudice against Asians.

I’ve broken down – emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually – so many times in the past that I’ve lost count. My body just rejects limitations and negativity that it can’t help but shut down when it’s weighed down by toxins (toxic people, environment, food).

Yet my self-healing journey taught me the greatest life’s lesson: the wound is where the light enters.” (Rumi). I have learned to see every exchange + experience as ways for me to learn, overcome and expand my soul’s liberation. And I believe this is where the treasures lies – in forging my own soul path full of imperfections and letting it shape the woman I have become ☺️.

I now know how to dance with my shadows so that I live from a place of wholeness.

I am a strong advocate for women reconnecting to their inner-warriors and rewriting their stories to reject the narratives placed on them by society. I truly believe that when we allow ourselves to start creating new narratives, to write different endings to our stories, we can take back our lives and thrive just by holding on to the vision of what our best selves look like.

I have mastered the art of emotional resilience and the power of turning adversities into opportunities. Today, I help women become resilient, own their truth and step into their brilliance so they can create better realities.

Within each wound lies a gem of healing wisdom that you receive the moment you turn within + alchemize it.
If you are ready to up-level + rise above your story, let’s connect!

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