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Kounthea Richards

Your Comeback Coach

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I help women become resilient, own their truth and step into their brilliance so they can create better realities.

Simple Ways To Make Your Nerves Work For You

a step-by-step process to cope with strong emotions to reduce stress and anxiety

    Are you the woman who is done playing small, yet knows she doesn’t need to do all to achieve all?

    The woman who listens to her intuition and can still be strategic in taking actions that are only aligned with her authenticity?
    The woman who doesn't have time for limiting beliefs and self-doubts because she has goals and visions to crush?
    The woman who is ready to feel empowered in her own skin, well-being, work and relationships?
    The woman who is relentless in being better and ready to 'own her story' despite her struggles and setbacks?
    The woman who is ready to create her own paradigm shifts and invest in herself no matter what it takes?
    The woman who is ready to break free from negative thought patterns, emotions, stories + embody her worthiness in FULL?


    My Story

    Hi, I am so glad that you are here!

    Let me tell you about who I am and my journey into a Comeback Coach. I am a Wellness Warrior, a Storyteller, and most importantly, a Mom.

    But it wasn’t always this way…

    Ready To Live Your Best Life + Rise Above Any & Every Limitation?